Hi there!

I am Oier Echaniz, this is my PETsornal webpage.

About me

Some of my code can be found in my github page here: github/oiertwo and other in my gitlab page: gitlab/oiertwo

My most updated research information can be found in my EHU/UPV GIC lab web page.

Not updated things about me can be found also in my ResearchGate profile:  Oier Echaniz @ ResearchGate

and my ORCID: 0000-0001-6800-1518

I have also a linkedin "profesional" profile: Oier Echaniz @ Linkedin

I have a not very update blog in spanish where i post some computer related stuff sometimes. Title of the blog is in basque, Asmatzen, what means "inventing": https://asmatzen.wordpress.com/

You can find me in social networks too, mostly in twitter: @oiertwo

Books I read i list them in My GoodReads Profile.

Contact information

Actual position: Researcher at GIC at EHU/UPV and proud wheel-chair of Python San Sebastian (ACPySS) since 2014.


Why oiertwo?

Oier is my name. Two, is a word play between the number 2 and "Txu". All pronounced similarly.

Txu is a polite diminutive for people in basque, similar to kun/san/chan used in japanese. Oiertxu in basque is similar to Oier-kun, and when you are creating users in internet usually they force you to put numbers in nicknames because your name is taken, so I thought to put two instead of number 2 once and now i use oiertwo forever.

Why .PET?

Everywhere i go i am always the mascot, i am always the PET. Do i need to explain it?

---> Python San Sebastian <----

pip install pyjokes ---> PyJokes Society <---- (Spokesperson and Founder)